Shangri-La Frontier Hindi Dubbed [ORG]

Shangri-La Frontier Anime Hindi Dub Released On Crunchyroll

Shangri-La Frontier Anime Hindi Dub Released On Crunchyroll 

What Shangri-La Frontier Anime About?

The Shangri-La Frontier anime is about Rakuro Hizutome, a high schooler who loves to play bad games. He is known as a "trash game hunter" because he is able to beat even the most difficult and poorly made games. One day, Rakuro is introduced to Shangri-La Frontier, a VR game that is said to be the best game ever made. Rakuro decides to try the game, and he is immediately hooked.

In Shangri-La Frontier, Rakuro is able to use his skills as a trash game hunter to his advantage. He is able to find and exploit glitches in the game, which gives him a significant advantage over other players. Rakuro quickly becomes one of the top players in Shangri-La Frontier, and he begins to attract the attention of other powerful players and guilds.

Overview Of Fantasy Anime

First episode date: 1 October 2023 (Japan)
Characters: Sunraku, Emul, Arthur Pencilgon, Viceash, Psyger-0, Orcelott, Psyger-100, Animalia
Networks: MBS TV, Japan News Network
Genre: Anime
Writers: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Language: Hindi